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Hope Ted has quite a bit of PBR in a can on hand. My bet is he does.

As far as I understand the law, and I may be mistaken, possession limit is just that. The number of in this case birds you have in aggregate between your home and in the field. It is not a limit for the year or any other restriction. I never hit my possession limit in Montana but I was close enough that if I kept hunting I would have had too many birds. I gave them away and at that point did not have a single bird with me or at home.

I believe at that point my possession limit did indeed start over.

I'm sure the constitutional scholars and virologists on the board will be along shortly to issue my felony indictment wink

I only signed my name to the note transferring the game to my friend. I assume he signed his name. If you are losing sleep over the matter I can contact to verify he did so.

Why would you think I’d be losing sleep over you or something you did? You’re just not that important to me. No offense.

Well you seem interested in proving I did not follow the letter of the law and still have the Rittenhouse thread on your mind. My bad.....

PS Has anyone ever told you that you take things a bit too literal at times Dustin? Loosing sleep was tongue in cheek.

lighten up a bit, maybe pop a beer like Ted.

I see things, people & situations for what they are. If that’s literal, then I’m guilty as charged.

I’m not interested in proving anything. I had the Rittenhouse thread on my mind because I’ve got a memory like an elephant and reading things some people wrote in that thread were so ridiculous it makes the thread pretty memorable.

You don’t know me, if you did know me, you’d know that I’m as cool as cucumber, low heart rate and all…..it takes a lot more than a burnt out dead head to get me riled up. 😀.

Take it easy, Steve.