I have no illusions about what this gun is or isn't. It simply fills a slot in my battery of guns and like the rest, it has a job to do. The fact that it does it fairly well now (after many interventions to make it what I think I need) explains a lot about why it cost me so-little to acquire it. Would I like to own a DMB or a McNaughton instead? Absolutely. Can I justify the significant investment needed to acquire such a toy? Probably not. It's extremely light and yet I actually shoot it fairly well, a pocket full of 28s weigh almost nothing (when compared to a pocket of 12s), and.... for the most part it's attractive to look at and fun to use. No downside here, and in my mind...a fairly good value. Where am I wrong? My goal in posting this little missive was to illustrate the minimal effort needed to make this weapon useful and pleasant to employ. Sub-gauge guns often exist in a place that many can't justify exploring. These guns can allow for that to happen in a reasonable and practical way.