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3/4 Oz shot is 3/4 Oz of shot, eh??

Yep............ until ignition. Then, setback takes it's toll. And the toll, misshapen shot, is a lot higher in a .410 bore than in a .550 bore. Most people who have patterned a lot know how much harder it is to get really nice patterns out of magnum .410 loads. I had to go to hard, nickel plated shot to get 3/4 oz. .410 patterns that come close to equaling hard unplated shot patterns out of a 28.

Sounds like the logical progression would be 1500 fps loads of # 10 TSS shot in a very lightly choked 3" .410 bore at about $3.00 per pop at a dove....

...or just using a 20 gauge, or even a 12 gauge with # 8 lead promo loads.