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....If I have written something offensive, show me where. There is no need to be rude. Also, you linked to a blog that appears to be run by a madman who carries a teacup yorkie around in a picnic basket. What does that have to do with wildfire driven by climate change?
Don't underestimate that you asking people to accept your assumptions is extremely offensive. If you draw a line and go right to politics and demonizing, it might be thought that you did it intentionally?

Last summer, no doubt was a hazy one in the west, but it was a summer of full lakes and ponds and flowing rivers and streams off the mountains. Most, not all, of the smoke came from California, that I could see in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Investigate for yourself if the policy change of political climatologists has basically ended the concept of controlled burns. This is one part of forrest management others have mentioned, and not just the harvest of materials for houses of excess that many might call home. This season, similar no doubt to me, it's dry, water is low, and there are fires everywhere. Overall, it is a bit better than a few weeks ago, temps are down some and a little rain has mixed in.