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Warning: USPS signature confirmation to a residence will result in delivery driver dropping it off at your mailbox or door. No ding-dong. They’ll instead sign for YOU with“C-19” and route/driver code on the slip as proof and they’re not to go to the door nor interact at the door or residence, hence will drop highly insured items at the mailbox. They did so for a signature confirmation insured multi-thousand dollar package leaving it in my mailbox at the street and never stopped to ring the door bell. The mailbox door was left half open and the package hanging out to the street for two hours!!
The above doesn't happen where I live. If I'm not here to sign, a pre-printed pink slip is in the mailbox informing me of attempted delivery with instructions to appear at a named post office location after 830 am next morning to sign for and retrieve item. This has been the procedure as long as I can remember and happened again last week. Gil