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....I was once worried about the lefts gun confiscation scheme, but no longer. Canada gave up on just trying to register guns in a computer system and Canadians are a lot more inclined to respect laws they consider silly. And they would need to go search every house, in the country, because there is no computer records of who has what in the US. It would be physically impossible to go door to door and collect every gun. If you consider owners would meekly turn over their guns you are kidding yourself in several million cases. Maybe tens of millions of cases. Just never going to happen. Going door to door would take years if not decades and who is to say if those guns would remain in place very long. So rechecking would be needed in millions of houses which would extend it even longer. The entire military and law enforcement combined are not going to be large enough to do it....
If the left is challenged with going door to door, there certainly might be a willingness on a selective basis for messaging. If they are willing to work at it for decades, haven't they already started. Isn't anyone who would've been one day underage, a criminal if they are in possession, but don't have a background check. I suppose the answer is no based on zip code, gang affiliation, and immigration status.

Isn't there a distinct effort to politicize the military and law enforcement. Aren't members who have expressed past leanings towards the right being purged. Isn't there plenty of registration available to document constitutionally taxing the ten plus round magazines that were sold with them. Aren't we much more likely to see letters in the mail and flags on background checks, rather than knocks on the door. All they need is an IT department?