I went to a gun show in eastern Ohio today and saw plenty of ammo. But most of it was priced very high, with bricks of .22 LR at $100.00 to $130.00, and common handgun ammo like .380 and 9 mm at near a dollar a round. Lots of various gunpowder was being sold, with $24 .00 to 30.00 per pound prices. Primers were $80 to $100 per thousand. I saw cases of 12 ga. Federal field loads priced at $100.00 per 250 rounds. I did find several 20 round boxes of 7.62 x 39 at $5.00 a box, and bought it.since I don't expect to find it any cheaper until Biden is impeached or arrested for his part in the coup.

I bought a nice little engraved antique percussion pocket pistol with a broken hammer nose for $40.00. It looks to be about .40 cal. It was too cheap to leave behind. The best double gun in the whole joint was a very nice hammer Belgian Bayard priced at only $120.00, and someone bought it fairly quick.