Dad's M21- 12 gauge 28" IC&Mod- SST, Ej field stock and red solid pad- fits me like an Armani suit on a Goombah-- Never have changed the barrel selection button in the trigger, always the right hand tube first-- I use AA Trap loads 7&1/2 shot, sometimes a heavier load of #6 chilled in the left side tube. Dad gave it to me in 1980, when he moved to Florida, and we still had a very huntable amount of pheasants to hunt here in mid-Central MI--weigth is 7&1/4 lbs. unlooaded, balance at the hinge pin- still solid and on face-goes to my son-in-law when I'm gone, he's a southpaw, so my M12's are not his "cup of tea"--RWTF