We're more than a bit OT, I slept on it, but couldn't stifle the need to address UK vs. US COVID vaccinations
The data is a few days old:
UK with 66.65M population has given about 15M shots
US with 331M population has given about 60M shots
Arizona with 7.3M has given 1M shots
(BTW: Yuma had the highest PCR positivity rate per capita in the WORLD about 6 weeks ago. Things are much better in AZ now, but the disease and death rate on the Navajo Nation per capita has been the highest in the US since the start of the pandemic)
And the recent 100 years storm has significantly slowed delivery of vaccine, and the US is geographically a big country.

Because of the limited supply, the US prioritized first responders, heath care workers, the elderly and most vulnerable.

As of last week, 95% of those in England > 70 y/o have received the vaccine.
SOMEONE in the British Govt. however decided some lives were not worth "wasting" vaccinations (and ventilators) upon

That said, there has been a reluctance to be vaccinated among the young and healthy for a disease with a survival rate > 99% and in which >80% of deaths have been among those > 65 years old; >30% above 85.

Comparing the quality of heath care in the UK under the NHS and that in the US (and the ethics of rationing health care ie. who gets to decide?) is entirely another matter. But the principle IS relevant to who gets to decide which guns are "good" and which are "bad"?
At Stan's advanced age wink and having spent > 5 minutes under water, he may have been denied ICU care in the UK after his near drowning.