I can see that. In the early 1970's- a USMC pal from Manhattan KS invited me out for the later pheasant season-also quails. In 3 days we really hammered the birds, plus we also flushed out 3 coyotes from the sorghum plots- 2 males, one female- at short range a load of 1&1/4 oz. No. 6 in their heads- end of story. Back then, the State paid a cash bounty for dead 'yotes, we gave the money- $100- to our farmer host- He in turn, invited us to a neighborhood potluck supper, followed by a private coon hound auction- Bill and I went, and I kid you not- 3 farmers with bankrolls of "C-notes" wadded into the pouch pockets of their Big Smith and Carharrt overhalls were bidding on a male redtick hound- ran it up to $3500 cash money-and the farmer who won the bidding pulled a wad of big bills out of that pocket-which was closed with a huge safety pin, and counted out 35 Benjamins, just as easily as he combed his hair-- and stuffed the rest back, shook hands with the former owner, and petted his new coon hound.

Wow-- RWTF