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Jump to new posts Re: Hiding in the hills... by Lloyd3 @ 28 minutes 59 seconds ago

Many thanks, CZ.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Don Criswell by Calgary Bill @ Today at 02:09 PM

Originally Posted By: arrieta2Just go a call from a dealer friend of mine in Calf. and told me that Don Criswell passed. Don was a great guy and was very kind to me. He was a Winchester 21 specialist. One of the old guards in the trade. He was 90.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Fouling and pits by LeFusil @ Today at 01:31 PM

If your scrubbing your barrels after shooting with Hoppes, Wd-40, Kroil, ballistol, etc and a good bore brush, and youre wiping all the fouling out with a rag or patch and then lightly coating the bores with remoil.....I think you’re pretty much worr
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: 1922 L.C. Smith Trap Grade 12 Gauge by circlesguns @ Today at 12:20 PM

Price reduced to $2,200.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: When is it time to stop pulling the trigger? by many scalps @ Today at 12:10 PM

Originally Posted By: BrianStan, my goal is to die in bed at thh age of 95, shot by a jealous husband!!! YES !!
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Recut checkering on Parker by LetFly @ Today at 11:48 AM

Back to forend repair prior to finish and recut checkering Divot to be repaired Divot repair in progress Practice piece first
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Pinfire indentification help wanted by Pmari @ Today at 11:40 AM

Good stuff! Thank you Drew!
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: WTB MainSpring (Hammer Spring) for Rem M 17 by Recoil Rob @ Today at 11:40 AM

Some years ago I purchased a small, handheld metal detector from a watchmaker's supply, Essingers. Uses a 9v battery and has found several parts for me.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: wtb 12 ga 6 1/2 sxs guns by Little Creek @ Today at 10:36 AM

What do you mean?
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Morphy auction prices / results by SKB @ Today at 10:09 AM

Originally Posted By: HomelessjOeNothing quite like the smell of rOtten fish.... Then take a shower Bozo.
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: making a stock for a benelli 20 by HomelessjOe @ Today at 10:06 AM

Here's the ebay item number... 233807584970 look at the head of the stock where it goes up against the back of the action if yours is flat like that one it will fit.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
I once owned a 30inch full choke 16 ga A5 barrel. Bobby
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Ward's Collectables (auction house) by Stan @ Today at 08:18 AM

Only with buying vintage shells. Always smooth and seamless. I've found them good folks to do business with. SRH
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: a Touchmark, by whom? by Argo44 @ Yesterday at 11:20 PM

I talk to David Trevallion about once a month or so. Could ask a question of him if you would like. He still does occasionally read and post on this board. And he still does stock guns...even now.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite Game/Gun Picture - 2020 Hunting Season by Stan @ Yesterday at 08:32 PM

A bateau is a pirogue, but a pirogue isn't necessarily a bateau. If it's a small, flat-bottomed, pointed on both ends boat, it's technically a bateau. I understand that, in Louisiana, a bateau is referred to as a pirogue, which is not a wrong stat
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts rediscovering lc smith by ed good @ Yesterday at 08:22 PM

recently in my hands, #326xxxr, 12 ga 28" barrels, 6 1/2 pounds... #Fw 127xxx, 12 ga 26" barrels, 6 1/2 pounds... watts up wid dat?...
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Call to Arms- Defend the 2nd Amendment by Stan @ Yesterday at 06:59 PM

Originally Posted By: Ted Schefelbein Fox news really screwed the pooch, and I will never believe anything they say, ever again. We've nixed Fox too, and our TV stays on NewsMax now, every evening. SRH
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: What about Arrieta guns? by Konor3inch @ Yesterday at 06:38 PM

Originally Posted By: Tex68WI have yet to come across a 20ga under 6lbs. AYA numbers 3 and 4 generally come in under the 6lb mark with 27 inch barrels
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Shotgun ribs by SKB @ Yesterday at 05:41 PM

Fred, Sorry I don't have anything that wide currently. Steve
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: WTB 12ga 2.5" field loads by Little Creek @ Yesterday at 03:40 PM

SKB-let us know how the loads do on wild birds!
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: FS: Silma 28ga O/U by Perry M. Kissam @ Yesterday at 01:20 PM

Do you plan to checker the stock prior to sale?
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: French gun terminology - translations by Argo44 @ Yesterday at 09:11 AM

Thanks Larry. "Une Boudrole" is one of Raimey's Belgian finds having to do with a Greener cross bolt. I sort of silently thought of it as a "thingamajig." Probably highly specialized. Sorry about the Gastinne Renette but no se
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Early Griffin and Howe on Hibid by Flygas @ Yesterday at 01:11 AM

Originally Posted By: David ZincavageRudolph Kornbrath engraved this one: I think that’s actually Swensen engraving.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: 27" barrels by Run With The Fox @ 12/02/20 09:21 PM

I don't currently own a side-by-side with barrels shorter than 28"- but if I could have purchased my Savage-Fox 20 gauge Sterly (1932 mfg.) with 27" original (uncut)for $450 less than I paid for it 12 years ago, I sure as heck would have--i
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Bob Owens rifle by BrentD @ 12/02/20 06:08 PM

Originally Posted By: 375whelenIMPThat's really nice sporter for a really fair price. Yup. It was just one more bid than I was willing to go. I was hoping that the winner was here
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