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Re: "William Greener" --WHAT IS IT? greener4me 04/17/21 10:30 AM
Looks like an original centre fire breech loader to me. The hammers are of typical characteristic Greener form, to be seen on the guns of W Greener percussion muzzle loaders and WW Greener early breech loaders before change to the later characteristic shape. Similar hammers to those pictured may be seen on Pape guns so perhaps it was a feature of the Newcastle gunmakers.
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Re: Inexpensive target guns? Lloyd3 04/17/21 02:46 AM
CI: I'm in it for the fun, period. And I don't doubt that the gun is the least expensive part of it. Appreciate the heads-up on the "Bi-Star", kind-of I figured that the low end guns would have lots of issues but... I love to find the rose in the thorns. That Dickenson looks like great fun! I should look into one of those too. Also, what is that long-barreled box lock in the 1st rack pix, 2nd from right? I'm guessing it has the weight to sop-up loads of punishment as well.

While I'm at it, what other sxs gun are popular with your buddies for clays? Anything big and solid with long tubes should fit the bill I suspect, as long as it fits the shooter as well. I'm normally not a single trigger guy but in this application I would think it should be perfect. And....big, heavy, 12 boxlocks are wayyyy out of style these days so that might be a great solution for me here.
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Re: Empty Hulls Hal 04/17/21 02:19 AM
Have quite a few 1 lb cans of 2F BP I'll never use. Also some in bulk. Any increased demand?
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DIY Gunsmithing @ doublegunshop.com Jump to new posts
Re: Not bad for a 50.00 piece of wood battle 04/17/21 01:58 AM
Nice wood. Ugly gun.
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Re: 10G Colt Coach Gun... cable 04/17/21 01:14 AM
Originally Posted by RoyB
I don't care if the shell is hard to remove from the Skeeter....But the Skeeter, with the shell inside, needs to be easily removed from the shotgun with only the extractors help.

that hasn't been a problem with the ones I have used.
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Re: Advice on where to seek a first drilling Gunwolf 04/17/21 12:47 AM

very nice Neptun Drilling.The engraving is lovely, maybe from the same engraver - Karl Feuchter, who worked on many Krieghoff guns :


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WINCHESTER 21 TOURN.SKEET 20GA fs gil russell 04/16/21 09:44 PM

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Re: 1913 Sauer SxS, I have a few Qs please canvasback 04/16/21 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by Recoil Rob
When I see an old gun like this my choice of shell size is more concerned with how the wood will stand up rather than the action getting loose.

Exactly how I look at it.
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wtb: Ithaca flues 20ga forearm wood battle 04/16/21 12:38 PM
Let me know if you have something decent.
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Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @ doublegunshop.com Jump to new posts
Re: rifle reboring rocky mtn bill 04/16/21 12:02 PM
I have three rifles now that have lined bores, and all work well. Some people reline high-intensity calibers, but I think it's not widely done. Rebarreling can become very expensive when It involves unusual contours and refitting sights, etc. Look, either way the rifle is altered. In many cases, reboring is the least obtrusive method. To each his own.
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Re: For Sale-Cogswell & Harrison Konor 12 Ga. rtw 04/16/21 11:48 AM
Still Available
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Re: The Rewards of BEE Keeping Stanton Hillis 04/16/21 10:31 AM
Looks like it would make a sweet dove gun. Just kill the wood gloss with some rubbing compound, and cover that shiny, reflective action with friction tape .............. wink

Congrats, Bob.
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Re: What's with "Not For Ball"? Argo44 04/16/21 01:05 AM
For the record here are the Earliest Reilly advertisements mentioning "choke-bore"

1875 - "British Rural Sports"
[Linked Image from jpgbox.com]

1875 - Bradshaw Travel book for GB and N.Ireland (This ad continued for a couple of years) - the "guns bored for extra close shooting or penetration" was Reilly code for choke boring.
[Linked Image from jpgbox.com]
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Re: uggie boxlock SKB 04/15/21 10:15 PM
Sold on another forum.
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Re: Any good news re shell availability keith 04/15/21 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by nca225
As it turns out, Sen Toomey agrees with you on illegal immigration, welfare, personal and corporate taxes, creeping socialism, & foreign policy.


But thanks for finally being honest about it. Single issue voting at its best!

Hahahaha... that's funny.

Your link you offer as proof of RINO Pat Toomey's Conservative bent is hilarious. All of his positions on the various issues are either "inferred" or "unknown" according to the key. But at least Toomey is honest about supporting gun control legislation. That mirrors his responses to me when I have e-mailed him on various issues.

I won't support any candidate who supports infringing upon the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding U.S. citizens any more than I would support one who advocates infringing upon the 1st Amendment... or any other part of the Constitution they swore an oath to Protect, Preserve, and Defend.

That does not make me a single issue voter. It means that, unlike you and the other Liberal Democrats here who support anti-gun Democrats blindly and without hesitation, I recognize what really is a threat to our freedom. I recognize that it is seditious to advocate undermining the Constitution by any means other than introducing legislation to lawfully amend it. I recognize that things like taking the 2nd Amendment Rights of citizens is far more egregious and criminal than illegally entering the U.S. House of Representatives during a protest, and putting your feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk.

The only groups that are denying that Pat Toomey is a RINO are Liberal Left sources like Politico or The Guardian. He is barely Right of Mitt Romney. He criticized Trump for commuting the sentence of Roger Stone, yet he couldn't be bothered to complain about the misdeeds of the FBI, or the Obama Administration illegally spying on the Trump campaign, phony dossiers, or the entire sham impeachment. He was even worse in the second sham impeachment when he sided with Romney with his vote to convict Trump. He was mostly a fiscal conservative, but he never did much in the way of introducing legislation to curb illegal immigration or creeping socialism. I held my nose and voted for him until he turned on gun owners. After that, I left my vote for U.S. Senator blank, because there was no good choice on either side.

This ammo shortage is absolutely a supply and demand issue. But unlike the forces driving the prices of 2" x 4"'s and plywood, this has little to do with Covid19, and everything to do with the threat from anti-gun Democrats. The same thing happened in 2013 when Obama was in office, and there was similar panic buying when Bill Clinton was in office. There was no pandemic then, and Remington was in full production. The lame attempts by Libtards to place the blame anywhere else other than anti-gun Democrats is typically dishonest and misleading behavior. But if you repeat a lie often enough, then maybe eventually folks will even believe that video tapes showing suitcases full of ballots being pulled out from under tables at 4:00 AM in Georgia, after the Press and election observers were sent home, is normal legitimate behavior.
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Re: Prince Phillip GMCS 04/15/21 04:48 PM
Good to see you lot offering due respect to your betters.
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Re: LPSXSA Shoot Lapeer,Mi ClapperZapper 04/15/21 03:04 PM
I hope Paul feels better soon.

I always enjoy shooting at his club.

He’s been a stalwart in the great lakes side-by-side community.
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Re: Matched pairs Owenjj3 04/15/21 02:57 PM
I might quibble with the ‘Hollowell‘s definition in this respect… I believe that chokes can vary in matched pairs. There could be many scenarios where you might want to have a more open choked gun, followed by a more tightly choked gun, particularly with driven game. Then there is the concept of the grouse choke which entails a more tightly choked front trigger followed by a more openly choked back trigger so as to be better be able to take a grouse early as they approach with the first barrel and still have an opportunity for a second, closer bird. The second gun is then choked more openly on the front trigger and tighter on the back trigger so as to be able to take a going away bird behind the butt. Of course with double triggers, the Shooter could simply choose the rear trigger first, But I still believe that choking the pair differently does not I mean they no longer meet the definition.
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Re: George Gibbs Backaction? ksauers1 04/15/21 02:22 PM
So, who bought it?
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Re: 18th annual, 2021 Gentleman’s Cup, April21st, 2021 ClapperZapper 04/15/21 01:50 PM
I think you would enjoy it Mark, and, I think you would probably meet many of your customers.

I know there is a considerable contingent from the middle of Michigan that go to the Mec shoot every year.

It’s definitely on the calendar for a bunch of guys at the club.

You’d certainly be welcome.
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DoubleGun BBS @ doublegunshop.com Jump to new posts
Re: Thomas E. Yeld, London montenegrin 04/15/21 12:14 AM
Thank you for the interesting input. Same inscription is engraved both on the rib and locks. It is small and faded but yesterday a visiting friend with younger eyes (and camera) confirmed the name. I should have asked him to take a few pictures but we were so taken by the enigmatic old gun that I forgot it, unfortunately. If nothing else it's not a bad feeling to own the World's only known gun by an ancient London 'maker'. smile

Kind regards,
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Re: George L's 4 bore Reilly - amazing price Stanton Hillis 04/14/21 11:55 PM
Have not received any private messages from you, pamtnman. Not since Jan. 1, 2021, at least.

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DoubleGuns For Sale @ doublegunshop.com Jump to new posts
Doubles -Remington, Ithaca, Lefever, Colt Marks_21 04/14/21 08:47 PM
In case you aren't cruising Gunbroker - Ill make it easy.
Got a few for sale. as always cash to Dave and the site.

Remington 1894 CE.
I'll get the description updated eventually... the point is : absolutely fine metal finishes very few doubles with this kind of condition left. Some imperfections, light years above the average.
Gorgeous Engraved 1894 CE

Ithaca Swamp Rib 2E-
32 in barrels, swamp rib and High Monte Carlo stock. I know you've all seen it and ridiculed the stock. Bottom line a very high conditon Ithaca in a unique 32 in swamp rib Monte Carlo Ejector gun.
Ithaca Trap Double.

Lefever CE
Wonderful Joseph Loy gun. Ordnance Steel Barrels Crack in the wrist.
Lefever CE

Colt 1883 High Grade.
I paid 2000 and some change to get this home from the last RIA. Rough in every regard. I hate it. (Really nice and fine engraving one needs magnification to see all the incredible details. All there, not cut, total flop of a buy )
Crappy Colt.

Lefever FE 12
Less than 1 in 5000 Vintage American doubles remain in this kind of original condition (researched fact) . It aint perfect, but the photos don't do it justice.
Lefever FE
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WANTED: BLACK REM 16 GA HULLS gil russell 04/14/21 08:06 PM
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DoubleGun BBS @ doublegunshop.com Jump to new posts
Re: HEADING TO TULSA ? mark 04/14/21 04:42 PM
Good show, bought stuff, sold stuff and visited with old friends!
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