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Nov 17th, 2023
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Re: Remington leaveing Ilion NY for Georgia L. Brown 12/06/23 11:12 AM
Delete. Double post.
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Re: My team of GSPs L. Brown 12/06/23 11:07 AM
Cute pup. And it looks like his tail didn't get docked too short, which often happens with gsps.
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Re: Dan’l Fraser 20g gunman 12/06/23 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by gunman
This is a W&S action , This should be the breech pin . There is an unexplained screw on the trigger plate behind the triggers , to far forward for the hand pin .It looks as if the stock has been cracked , repaired and the trigger plate extended .
A suggestion is that you fire the gun , remove the sear springs and sears . I know this sounds odd but I have come cross some boxlocks that this is needed to to take the stock off .I have a feeling this may be one of them .
IN Respect of my post . Yes there were some boxlocks that needed the sears removing before the wood could be taken off .However the trigger plate had to be removed first .
I apologise for any confusion . I can only put it down to not thinking it through properly before I posted .
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Re: 336 diet plan mc 12/06/23 06:09 AM
At one time I had quite a few marlins I really like them my 94 is 32 20 so is my 89 don't have an 88 anymore I have a 93 in 25 36 marlin it's a plain carbine I wanted to make one of my 39s look like your gun that's a nice looking marlin
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Re: Posting photos here Jimmy W 12/06/23 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by DropLockBob
[Linked Image from]

Looks like it works!
Gorgeous gun!!
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Re: Polywad Stanton Hillis 12/06/23 02:45 AM
I think they are defunct. I've heard of no one who has had any positive contact with them in a few years now. Jay Menefee sold the business and after that it seemed to go downhill fast.
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Re: Oberndorf Mauser Modell S 7x57 Vall 12/06/23 02:28 AM
Originally Posted by Der Ami
You said the Husqvarna Type 33A is chambered for 9.5x47R, don't you mean it is chambered for 9.3x57R instead? The original length 38-55 case works fine for 9.3x57R, but it takes 11.15x60R Mauser, 45-70, or 40-65 cases to make 9.5x47R.

Mike, my Type 33A has a .376" groove diameter, and the chamber uses .38-55 cases slightly shortened. I was told this makes it a 9.5 bore since a 9.3" would be smaller. The length is 47mm or 1.8" which also aligns with the 47R.
So as far as I can tell it's a 9.5x47R, but I have no idea what a 9.5x47R is that would take a .40-65 or .45-70 case and still be .375" and 1.8"? I've looked at Cartridges of the World before and seen the stubby little cartridge they show as 9.5x47R, but it's certainly not like mine. But mine isn't like the 9.3x47R either.
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Re: OT- Rookie ?s - Goose hunting skeettx 12/06/23 01:43 AM
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Re: Walter Betts heavy 12 Nitrah 12/06/23 01:04 AM
It is clean as a whistle inside. I like the gun, the dimensions are perfect for me but it has caused me to get tendinitis bad in right thumb, limiting all kinds of activities.
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Re: Roger Bleile PM FEGA Historian 12/06/23 12:48 AM
This is Roger Bleile. I had to change my log in. You can PM me at my new user name.
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Re: Super Fox Bore Dimensions vs Today Vol423 12/05/23 11:54 PM
I used to hunt fall turkey with an SBE with big shot. Bust up a flock then call and ambush them.
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Re: Installing Soft Recoil pads Ted Schefelbein 12/05/23 11:32 PM
If it is a really soft pad, and he has an inertia trigger, stand by to try to fix that, as well.

Don’t ask me how I know.

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German & Austrian Sporting Guns @ Jump to new posts
Re: Merkel drop lock 128e? Jtplumb 12/05/23 11:05 PM
German Dopplebocks are usually around also but believe that one was Irish.
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Re: One for you old timers FallCreekFan 12/05/23 04:54 PM
[quote=ed good]back in the eighties there was a healthy competition between ml shotgun shooters in arkansas and missouri...

They may still be going strong. Back in April I was passing through southeast Missouri and came on quite the black powder rendezvous going on along the St. Francis river above Wappapello.

(BTW beautiful Ozark country that.)
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now about this thomas bland ejector gun ed good 12/05/23 03:35 PM
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Re: Charles Daly on GunBroker relics6165 12/05/23 03:02 PM
It's up to $26.00 would think any one part would be worth that IF someone needed it.
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Re: another L.C. Smith 20 ga "Gem" Marks_21 12/05/23 10:52 AM
I do not believe for a second there is swapping of barrels involved or even hard and deliberate “cheating”. But I do think lack and initial overall lack of scrutinizing and a kick under the rug hope that I was a picky and pesky buyer.
The swell comment has been added to the description in very recent history not there when this thread started.
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Re: Nitro Proof Damascus 2-1/2 inch Vol423 12/05/23 04:58 AM
I sent the Westley to Mike Orlen for stock bending. He confirmed my barrel measurements except his results showed thicker walls than me. I must be leaning on the post too much. Mike had no reservations about shooting 2-1/2" nitro loads in it. He also told me he hangs his barrel wall gauge from the ceiling by a string to measure. That would reduce the tendency to bend the post.
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Re: Woodward Automatic mc 12/04/23 10:05 PM
It's a Woodward!
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Re: Loss of shooting friend keith 12/04/23 09:40 PM
It would be enlightening to know if this Husqvarna Hammer Gun with swastika symbols on the barrels predates the adoption of that symbol by Hitler's Nazi Party.

Prior to that, the swastika symbol was used for thousands of years by numerous cultures as a symbol of good luck, peace, or well being. It was apparently used by ancient Nordic people, which could perhaps explain why it was found on a Swedish shotgun. Here's an article that details many of the periods and places it was used, before it was forever tainted by the Nazi's:

I have an old brass Good Luck token that was handed out by an American shoe manufacturer, which was made in the 1920's.

Originally Posted by mark
The swastika was used to denote a type of steel. Nothing political.

Crane Steel Co. an early U.S. manufacturer, used the swastika symbol on their steel, but dropped it after it was adopted by the Nazi's. I've never heard any reference to the swastika being used to denote any type of European steel, but there are so many types and trademarks used by steel makers that I suppose it is possible. I have a number of good Swedish steel carving chisels and hand tools stamped Eskilstuna, E.A. Berg, Sandvik, etc., but none have a swastika.
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Re: KyJon Jtplumb 12/04/23 06:55 PM
Raimey is okay he’s just covered up with work. He was helping me with the Merkel last week.
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Re: Steel Shot through Improved Modified Choke Jimmy W 12/04/23 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by Stanton Hillis
Originally Posted by Jimmy W
Yes, I was asking you, BrentD. I couldn't repeat more than three quotes.

Jimmy, there is a way to put as many quotes as you want in a post. I often do it this way as opposed to clicking on the "Quote" box at the bottom right of the person's post. Especially if I want to extract one line or two from a lengthy post to quote, as I just did from your post above. What you do is to precede the beginning of the line you want to quote with what you see in the pic I'm including. I couldn't type it out for you in text because the computer automatically puts it in a "quote box" if I do. So, I took a pic of the screen showing you how to type it out.

You must be very careful to quote the person exactly or you may be accused of intentionally mis-representing what the person posted. I highlight the quote, then copy it, then paste it in my reply, to prevent errors in quoting. Hope the screen shot explains what I mean.

[Linked Image from]

Why ever do it this way when all you have to do is click on the "QUOTE" box? Because, it's much quicker than clicking on it, then deleting all the extraneous parts of a lengthy post that aren't related to your reply. Way, way quicker. In my Quick Reply box you can see how it works when done properly. In the Preview box just below it you can see how it will post a "quote" that isn't really a quote, if you aren't careful.
Okay. Thanks for the advice.
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Re: for you German gun guys ed good 12/04/23 01:06 PM
aw cum on mine hares...

ain't dint mean nuttin mean...
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Re: how bout dis grulla por favor ed good 12/04/23 01:04 PM
yet ah nutter anoneymous jelous competator losses self control...
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Re: Favorite Gun/Game Pictures - 2023 Hunting Season Stanton Hillis 12/04/23 10:12 AM
Great pics and narrative, Owen.
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