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Aug 5th, 2016
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Re: Looking for source of gold oval for shotgun battle 09/28/21 05:28 PM
I can gold plate, if you have the oval.
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CZ Bobwhite G2 All Terrain Lslite 09/28/21 04:47 PM
.12ga Bobwhite in excellent condition.OD ceracote finish,28" barrels,5 choke tubes.Less than two boxes through it.$700 and will split shipping costs.Can send cell pics.
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FYI SCAM ALERT Bob Jurewicz 09/28/21 04:31 PM

Bob Jurewicz
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Re: Goex Plant to Close 67galaxie 09/28/21 03:33 PM
Dangit I need some 4f to use for black powder season
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Re: Are Turkish sidelocks now a good bet? Parabola 09/28/21 02:56 PM
Like anything else it will depend on if they are built up to a standard or down to a price

The weight may have to do with whether they have to stand someone putting those Turkish Tactical anti-drone shells through them?
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Re: Your Favorite Case... bushveld 09/28/21 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by HomelessjOe
Those old cases are nice....just not practical for transport any more.

Back I'm the day the Porters had respect for peoples property in this day and time they would relish destroying a wood n learher case.

They have no practical use for gun storage either....all they have going for them is gun club cOOl factor.

Here comes ol' cOOl bOb with his weird gun case.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." ----John Keats

Stephen Howell
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Re: OT - a tribute to wild bobs GLS 09/28/21 12:57 PM
Before Europeans arrived in America, fire was used by humans to manage the pine forests in the Southeast. The practice was later adopted by the newly arrived farmers, but was discouraged as timber interests began to campaign against woods burning. In 1924 Herbert Stoddard endorsed the use of fire in the quail woods of the Red Hills of Georgia for both timber and quail management. His publication in 1931 "The Bobwhite Quail..." detailed his research. While Aldo Leopold is considered by many to be the father of wildlife management, he acknowledged later in life that it was Herbert Stoddard who was among the first of the game management pioneers because of his work in recognizing the importance of controlled burning in the wire grass and longleaf forests of SW Georgia. According to Leopold: "Herbert Stoddard, in Georgia, started the first management of wildlife based on research." The longleaf pine evolved to withstand and flourish after natural fires were caused by lightning strikes. Fire is critical for the survival of longleaf pines as it removes forest litter which impedes the growth of longleaf seedlings, removes fire intolerant competing pines and controls blight which can sicken the longleaf pine. Gil
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Re: Ithaca Lewis information LetFly 09/28/21 12:36 PM
Gun is off to my gunsmith for examination and proper repair on barrels. He thought the same as you on the frame. Both barrels are on face with proper breach and water table clearances. Me, I think they used heavy duck loads until the solder gave way and the switched barrels. I will let you know when I get it back.
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Re: Info on Spanish guns por favor Run With The Fox 09/28/21 12:05 PM
Ed, I can only wonder how the Spanish made guns that Ernest Hemingway either used himself, or gave to friends to shoot, made in Eibar, held up. Hemingway used all his guns hard, demanded reliable performance (his favorite esopeta was his 1928 era M12 12 gauge) and of course, was in love with Spain and Spanish speaking people. heat treating standards may have varied from one European country to another back in Hemingway's days- also, if I am correctly informed, many of the Spanish gunmakers did contracting work for the London makers. El Zorro---
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Re: Unsafe Guns HomelessjOe 09/28/21 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by Stanton Hillis
Originally Posted by ed good
12bore, shooting smokeless in a damascus gun is pushing it...doing so in such light barrels, is even more risky...

.017 seven inches down in a 16 is risky and could easily result in a bulge or an eruption if even a slight blockage occurs...

you were lucky shooting both guns...

other opinions?

Yeah, here's mine. You're full of it. It didn't result in "an eruption", obviously. Why didn't it, ed, if it was unsafe?

Calm down Stanley Ed didn't say anything bad about your ground swatting covey shooting grandpappy.
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Re: is it safe to shoot smokeless in twist barrels ? SKB 09/28/21 11:54 AM
Better to stay safe in your recliner and maintain that armchair xspurt status you have worked so hard to obtain frAnk.

It must suck to be that afraid of living.

Ted, I disagree with your take on shooting old guns. If you learn to buy old guns in nice shape they are rarely money pits. Becoming an educated buyer is not for everyone though, it takes work and finding the right gun takes patience. I waited years before I found the gun for me.

I shoot almost nothing but vintage guns and I rarely need to work on them(never have touched either of my shotguns for repair). My hunting partner shoots a British SxS from the 1880's and has put tens of thousands of rounds through it without a hiccup. Find one that has been well maintained and fits you, feed it appropriate ammo and you will rarely be disappointed.
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Re: Choke percentages at different ranges L. Brown 09/28/21 11:12 AM
Re Dr. Jones, I recall that he came to some conclusions about skeet and single pellet breaks that, I think, pretty much surprised skeet shooters. Jones' analysis concludes that they're relatively common. Personally, that caused me to wonder whether maybe he needed to walk away from his computer, stroll around on a skeet field, and see how many unbroken targets he could find with holes in them. Plenty with one hole . . . some with even more than one. While his analysis might predict the likelihood of single pellet hits, can it predict the likelihood of single pellet breaks? The simple exercise of examining unbroken targets clearly shows that single pellet hits often fail to produce single pellet breaks.
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Re: Favorite Game/Gun Picture - 2021 Hunting Season gjw 09/28/21 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by Classicioi
Greg, I sure do look forward to your hunts and pics... I'm really glad Patty is enjoying time in the field with the old man ! !

Congrats to both of ya'll... Karl

Thanks so much Karl! Good to hear from you! I'll pass on your congrats to Patty!

Stay well old friend!

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Re: The Spanish Curse Shotgunjones 09/28/21 03:22 AM
Not again.

Or any of your other click bait.

Go pound sand, ed.
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German & Austrian Sporting Guns @ Jump to new posts
Re: Who might this HM mechanic be? ellenbr 09/28/21 01:51 AM
A bit of a workhorse A&D Body Action with ejectors coupled with sideclips & 1/2 pipe side-frame reinforcement. Scalloped frame with arcaded fences also. Nothing short about the all Suhl longarm.


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6 English Walnut 2 Piece Stock Sets Vol423 09/28/21 12:19 AM
On gunbroker. One is No 912024115. Click see sellers other items to see the other five. $ to Dave if you mention you saw it here.
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Re: Determine Value Cole Poli pipeliner 09/27/21 11:47 PM
Please remove poster appears to be a scammer using pictures from shotgun world 2005.Regards pipeliner
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Re: Did London make boxlock rifles & guns? mc 09/27/21 09:19 PM
I guess Wilkes could have pitched all there parts or sold them when they closed there Birmingham operation it's to bad more of the inside history isn't known .Wilkes is a favorite of mine I really like there side lock doubles.(this rifle is great)
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