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#503824 - 02/02/18 02:26 PM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 114
"To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under heaven:
a time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away .."
Copyright Old Testament
I had 2 outings in the eastern province of Austria, once a haven
for small game, as a guest, in both places just wild,non-reared
small game only. One of these 2 shoots a world-class pigeon
shoot in the 1990's and the early 200x's.
Today: It has been a walk with a gun in the hand, not worthwile
to be there.
At one of the 1990's pigeon outings then there has been a new
guest, who told us that he has taken lessons with the
Austrian parcours champion, thinking this would enable him
to "plough with the goat".
Within half an hour he became very humble and increasingly
nervous as he had bagged one bird to 15 shots.
About at the same time as my 2 outings an e-mail by the
deputy regional hunting kapo complaining about the catastrophic
low levels of small game.
I answered its you who is responsible for that mess, no answer.
What does not cease to amaze me is this obsessive, religious
indoctrination of the antis,
politicians who listen to them together with
defensive and teethless hunting reps to recreate
a pseudo-wilderness in an overpopulated,agro-industrialised
and predator-protected country.
After 56 years of continued Austrian hunting licenses I have
decided to discontinue and I told this so to the hunting rep.
I will just take the one from Czechia, in hunting terms a
very pragmatic country. They abandoned steel-shot for
water-fowl , as they found out it is "Aasjägerei", the
meat due to the rusting steel-pellets within short not edible
and finally they dont have white-headed eagles feeding
on lead-poisoned water-fowl.
And I have an invitation to a duck shoot in Pakistan for
october. The invitation is from a wealthy clan-chief to his private estate in the Indus-valley. I had the pleasure to
get to know him in Vienna. He even asked me if he should send
me the ticket. What a man.
With a drama in the family and me turning 80 within few days
I have come to realize there may be not only a last
hunting season but also that "every day is a precious one".
As the kids dont hunt it is time to return things to the
market.The things are called sidelock-ejector, the
embodiment of beauty, craftmanship and functional longevity,
which I had the pleasure to handle and forward as
custodian to someone for further pleasure and use.
My late friend Dr.HW in a similar depressive situation
told that he wants the barrels of his pair of Holland
selfopeners - at the moment once more on the market -
as kandlestick, the nr. 1 right to the coffin and the nr.2
left of it.
Its time to cease with the lamento, the complacent cynicism
and switch out with the rhyming sentence
"Eat and drink its later than you think" or more
"Hunt and drink its later than you think".

DI. Felix Neuberger

Edited by felix (02/03/18 04:08 AM)

#510195 - 04/01/18 08:40 AM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 114
..Die Kugel und der Rubel rollt...
In a previous post I said RIP to the bygone greenies and more
recently its time to cease with my cynicism.
But life goes on and news continue to appear, so I will comment
on recent developments in a dry manner.
The young greenie who revolted intifada-like had been sacked
by the greenie-establishment. So for the last election she
joined the commie-party ( yes, this still exists) but without
any chance for a MP job.
So she has to return to the hotel-mamma, the mamma herself
a greenie MP in a regional parliament.
A greenie-silverback has been eliminated in a democratic
pre-election for a sure MP-seat, so he left the party, founded
a name-list-party (bearing his name) and succeeded to be
But he seems to be a rogue when drunk so he fell prey to the
me-too wave which flooded also across the Austrian border.
He did not take the seat in the parliament ( for the time being).
The head of the greenies, by profession a lady-lawyer,
resigned before the last election. She had vanished then
for nearly a year and has reemerged now.She got an exec job
in the gambling concern, in greenie terms the evil-empire.
As the photo of her job announcement tells she is under
medical treatment, I will refrain from any further comment,
just say "Die Kugel rollt".
Our previous finance-ministre, by learned profession a
furniture-discounter and hobby-winemaker,
hardly in office ,needed 3 milliseconds to increase the
asset taxes by 20% despite being from the blackie-party.
He reemerged now,on the photo the contrary of a chap under
medical treatment, telling to the world that he got a
consultant job at the Russian gas utility, that means
he is on the payroll of Wladimir Wladimirowitch P.,
in short "Der Rubel rollt".
A former PM had an underdog job in the workers-chamber
before becoming politician. During his time he made the
fatal mistake to neglect the leftie-Praetorianer-Garde,
i.e. Trade Unionists.
He is now lobbyist/consultant to/into a former soviet republic,
the press told how many millions he is making.
In short "Der Rubel rollt".
Or lets take a look to our beloved teutonic neighbours.
Their former PM , the gregarious G.Sch., a personal friend
of Wladimir Wladimirowitsch P. has also a job in a Russian
enterprise. In short "Der Rubel rollt".
One can not expect that all these chaps will become
"Bettelmönche in der grauen Kutte" once their political
jobs are lost.
What comes to my mind is this sermo of a Russian
"Show me the westerner whom I can not buy"!
Simple answer:
Postscriptum: How to explain to the Polish apple-farmer
that he can not export his apples to Russia due to the
embargo and all these chaps can provide their services
to the kingdom of the neo-czar.

Edited by felix (04/01/18 08:49 AM)

#510208 - 04/01/18 09:19 AM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
ellenbr Offline

Registered: 08/10/07
Posts: 8165
Loc: North Alabama
Remain ever stalwart & always keep your pencil sharp there Felix & Happy Easter to you & yours.



#512686 - 04/28/18 03:30 PM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 114
... Und der Rubel rollt und hört nicht auf zu rollen....
Dr. W. Sch. , narrowlipped, with Napoleonic size and self-esteem,
tricky and versatility/worldchampion emerged now- he is a polit-retiree-
and told to the world that he is on the payroll of
He has been PM of a short-lived blackie/bluie (neo-liberal) government in
the 200x's. His blackie party made only the in the election
and despite this loss he managed to become the PM.
I have not yet seen anyone who could emulate him in such
He emerged now like phoenix from the neo-liberal ashes.
Why ashes ?
One needs just to read the non-fake-press.
One from his co's/buddies jailed, another to enter jail
in may, another one with GPS-controlled house-arrest
(no woodcock nor roebuck season this year),
a couple of others at court to proove they did not
take part in multiple/monstrous kickback cases ....
As this develops into a non-ending OT-story
I will conclude with 2 sermos.
Sermo No.1 from the Austrian emperor FJ I.
(this is the Habsburg-chap who declared war onto Serbia,
which triggered WW I, and not only his "god-given"
empire got lost but also all their estates/fortunes,
incl. the war-bonds of my maternal ancestors.)
A man for a minister-job has been proposed to him.
His question: "Hat er was ?"
Why your majesty is asking ?
His answer: "Wenn er was hat braucht er nicht zu stehlen".
Sermo No.2 from a taxi-driver on one of my last
business-trips from the hotel in Prague to the airport
in the late 1990's.
My question: "Wie lebt es sich nun in der Demokratie".
His price-less Schwejkiad answer.
"No schauen Sie, die Kommunisten haben 40 Jahre lang
regiert und haben gestohlen, jetzt regieren sie nur
4 Jahre, die stehlen 10 mal so viel wie die Kommunisten."
Weidmannsheil und Lovu zdar

Edited by felix (04/29/18 09:38 AM)

#521788 - 08/29/18 03:22 PM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 114
Here is an update from old Europe on Austria's 1st world problem,
the re-introduction of the wolf.
It is gaining continous momentum.
As predicted the mufflon in the state-owned army-training area
"Allentsteig" is gone
- So what -
The next possible prey there would/could be the red-deer calf.
- So what -
But the wolf is an intelligent animal and found out that there is
an easy-prey-animal in the neigbourhood - private not-state-owned land - which does not need to be chased down,
the sheep.
Fences are not an obstacle for this predator.
So from multiple press sources, 31 sheep killed and message
from today in the boulevard the last sheep of one of these
sheep farmers is gone.
- So no longer "So what"
Even the leftie state TV could no longer ignore it.
The local authorities had to react- "Es hat alles seinen
bürokratischen Gang" - and issued an order to all the
"Jagdleiter" in the 2 affected districts allowing/advising
them to use "Vergrämungsmassnahmen" versus this
EU-protected animal. They are allowed/advised to shoot into
the air or use rubber-pellets.
If this does not help then there would be a research-project
to identify the bad-killer-wolfes.
I am wondering how long it will take till an outrageous
asterix of a sheep-farmer/hunter will be put into court
because it turned out that he did not stick to the old
triple-S-poacher rule ("Sehen/Schiessen/Silentium")
and misloaded his double-barreled-shotgun with buckshot
instead of the free-rubber-load.
As usual in life its always games people play.
So one should not wonder that a chap from one of these holy
animal protection/diversity communities told to the world that
its the sheep farmers who have to take care of the
protection of their animals.

Edited by felix (08/29/18 03:27 PM)

#521813 - 08/30/18 02:31 AM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]

Registered: 03/19/07
Posts: 260
Loc: Belgium
Felix, you have a very clear view on what you write. In Belgium we also have now again wolfs and as you can think they are also protected like in Austria. I am very curious to se what happend in a near future.
Cheers, continue writing, I read them all, Marc.

#522834 - 09/10/18 04:09 PM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
xs hedspace Offline

Registered: 11/06/13
Posts: 254
Loc: upstate NY
Over here, I had a discussion with a Game Warden about the NY DEC claim that there are no mountain lions in NY. So, i said if there are none, if I shoot one, it's only a imaginary animal. NO<NO<NO! We call it shoot, shovel, and shut up....
maybe auf Deutch, it's shiessen, gruben und halt's mal???

Edited by xs hedspace (09/10/18 04:11 PM)
hippie redneck geezer

#522854 - 09/10/18 06:09 PM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
Gunwolf Offline

Registered: 07/13/11
Posts: 828
Loc: Bonn, Germany
Yes:Schießen, graben und Maul halten!!! cool


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#527814 - 11/04/18 11:19 PM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
pamtnman Offline

Registered: 03/15/15
Posts: 118
Loc: pa
I just stumbled upon this thread, read it, and became very thirsty for a strong beer. Cheers, all
NRA Life
PA Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs Life
PA Trappers Association Life

#529736 - 11/27/18 09:27 AM Re: Creeping Orwellian infiltration [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 114
..Finally, Thanks-to-God, the last blank/unexplored/unknown
area/spot in Austria's Orwellian landscape is going to be
explored/closed within short.
What is that ?
The up-to-now unregistered vintage shotguns have to be
registered , i.e. the present group D (shotguns) will
vanish and will be treated like rifles (group C).
"Registrierung Flinten-Altbestand".
We are told that this is in line with
"EU-Waffenrichtlinie" ex Brussels.
At the invasion of the Russian army in april 1945 all
weapons were confiscated,piled with others, burnt
and the remaining iron dumped into the nearby trench.
This happened also to the shotguns of my father, who
has been still at war when the Russian army entered
my parental village.
But once the invasion was over, shotguns were free:
Once the game-depleted fields from war-time recovered,
my father bought a rather simple "Hammerless" from
Just/Ferlach,16/65,non-ejector,in post-WW II-quality.
He then hunted with it, sometimes even along Russian
soldiers, who had gentleman-like behaviour.
I started to hunt with it, hunted with it till I fell
prey to the "London-Best" madness, and still have this
Market-value: One "Erinnerungs-Euro".
So after 70 years I have to REGISTER it, the RUSSIANS
did not care about it, the EU does.
There is also my "Russian " Purdey, ex Russian count
A.A.Bioncourt, built 1889, a jewel of English
shotgun-iana. He had donated the other 598 weapons he
owned to a Moscow museum.
Also this needs to be registered.
The Austrian authorities play on "transparency", we do
what EU is telling us to do.
Who is this "EU" in Brussels ?
When I look on these folks who represent there Austria, these
are not the "Best-of-the-breed" of politicians.
Rather from 3rd-tier, who got their "Verpflegungsjob"
in Brussels.
To show/proof their existence they invent pseudo/dummy
exercises like this vintage-gun-registration.
Its also these EU folks in Brussels who messed it up
in the relationship with the Brits, leading to the
Brexit-votum and its final end, the Brexit.
They simply mismanaged it, it's their political "Supergau",
no sensorium for "Live-and-let-live".
(And it has not been the personal feud between the two
Eton-cowboys, the then-PM Cameron and his
opponent ,the Want-to-be-PM Johnson, this is rather a simplified tabloid-merry-tale).
I have full sympathy for the British buccaneers for their
Brexit, for not wanting to be ruled by this sclerotic
and incompetent Brussels-gang. I regret that they leave..
I understand that the single country which will not
implement this registration stupidity is - how can it
be otherwise - our Schwejkiad neighbours from Czechia.
In their honour I close with their hunt-greetings
Lovu zdar
..Felix Neuberger..

Postscriptum 1:
Europe's summa-cum-laude-reddie country is Sweden.
They have the most stringent gunlaw.
Despite that, their PM O. Palme has been shot in
open street in 1886, till today not known by whom and why .

Postscriptum 2:
The overall documentation of gun-ownership then opens
the possibility for a "Guni-Leak" and/or state-owned
"Matched-pair" facility.
Both versions could operate on a service-fee bases,
another creation of state-revenue and public-sector-jobs.

Postscriptum 3:
Finally, lets be positive, pragmatic and look at the
chances/opportunities lying ahead of us.
Changes like that always flush/wash up to the market
up to now hidden guns.
Springer's Erben with their auction will wellcome this
So may be in 50 years, when one of my grandsons,
following my hunting tracks, bags his first speckle-belly
goose in the Hortobagy marches in Hungary and being
"Which gun did you use today", his answer could well be:
"Its the vintage Purdey, which my grandfather has bought when
Europe implemented the Orwellian shotgun control".

Edited by felix (11/28/18 06:17 AM)

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